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Welcome to My Theory Of Everything (.com & .org)

This is a site for Theoretical Nuclear AstroPhysics & Quantum Cosmology. I have posted my point of view with respect to a possible basis for a TOE. I will also post TOE related theories from public input regarding emergent concepts related to completing our understanding of the Universe.

A TOE will contain more than merely conceptual models. Self consistent conceptual models are a necessary (albeit insufficient) condition for a satisfactory TOE model. They require a mathematical linkage to, or replacement of, Standard Model Physics. (e.g. Super String or M Theory)

This should include a (possibly Super Symmetric) Grand Unified Theory (GUT) or at least a rationalization of charge: the (Special) Relativistic Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED) and Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD) of the ElectroMagnetic-Weak (ElectroWeak) and Strong Forces respectively).

Completion of the TOE should rationalize a GUT with mass or (possibly Quantum) Gravity (i.e. General Relativity's (GR) Gravitational Force).

They must also have a basis in the scientific method - implying the ability to predict experimentally verifiable phenomena (e.g. a simple and accurate prescription for particle masses).

It will NOT contain Meta Physics or Pseudo Science. If you are unsure before you eMail content, check your Crackpot Index .

The Context & Framework for thinking about the Universe, Cosmology, Life, Mankind, and Cognition should not be mistaken as part of a TOE. The philosophies, musings, and motivations of the scientist should not be confused with science. They sometimes provide a (sometimes even mathematical) method to help simplify the understanding of the inner complexities of the Math and Physics of the TOE.

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Please send your comments to J. Gregory Moxness

This document was updated 09/23/2004

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STScI-PRC-00-08January 24, 2000

Hubble Opens its Eye on the Universe and Captures a Cosmic Magnifying Glass

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