A Theory of Everything Visualizer:

The list of 17 panes is now:
1) Math:____ Chaos/Fibr/Fractal/Surface: Navier Stokes/Hopf/MandelBulb/Klein
2) Math:____ Geometric Calculus:______ Octonion Fano Plane-Cubic Visualize
3) Math:____ Group Theory:__________ Dynkin Diagram Algebra Create
4) Math:____ Representation Theory:___ E8 Lie Algebra Subgroups Visualize
5) Physics:__ Quantum Elements:______ Fundamental Quantum Element Select
6) Physics:__ Particle Theory:_________ CKM(q)-PMNS(ν) Mix CPT Unitarity
7) Physics:__ Hadronic Elements:______ Composite Quark-Gluon Select Decays
8) Physics:__ Relativistic Cosmology:___ N-Body Bohmian GR-QM Simulation
9) Chemistry: Atomic Elements:________ 4D Periodic Table Element Select
10) Chemistry:Molecular Crystallography: 4D Molecule Visualization Select
11) Biology:_ Genetic Crystallography:___ 4D Protein/DNA/RNA E8-H4 Folding
12) Biology:_ Human Neurology:________ OrchOR Quantum Consciousness
13) Psychology:Music Theory & Cognition: Chords, Lambdoma, H4, and Tori
14) Sociology: Theological Number Theory: Hebrew gematria, H4, and Tori
15) CompSci: Quantum Computing:______ Poincare-Bloch Sphere /Qubit Fourier
16) CompSci: Artificial Intelligence:_______ nD Conway’s Game Of Life
17) CompSci: Human/Machine Interfaces:_ nD Human Machine Interface

J. Gregory Moxness

ToE_Demonstration.cdf Latest: 04/10/2015 (100 Mb). This is a version 10.02 demonstration in .CDF that takes you on an integrated visual journey from the abstract elements of hyper-dimensional geometry, algebra, particle and nuclear physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Chaos Theory and Fractals, quantum relativistic cosmological N-Body simulations, and on to the atomic elements of chemistry (visualized as a 4D periodic table arranged by quantum numbers). It requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin. This version of the ToE_Demonstration.nb (110 Mb) is the same as CDF except it includes file I/O capability not available in the free CDF player. This requires a full Mathematica license.

For a somewhat brief overview of each module, please see this blog post
For more detail on the modules, see this blog post

Please be patient, it is very large and can take 10 minutes to load, depending on your Internet connection, memory and CPU speed.