A Theory of Everything Visualizer:

The list of 15 panes is now:
1) Math:_____Chaos/Fibr/Fractal/Surface:Navier Stokes/Hopf/MandelBulb/Klein
2) Math:_____Geometric Calculus:_____ Octonion Fano Plane-Cubic Visualize
3) Math:_____Group Theory:__________Dynkin Diagram Algebra Create
4) Math:_____Representation Theory:___E8 Lie Algebra Subgroups Visualize
5) Physics:___Quantum Elements:______Fundamental Quantum Element Select
6) Physics:___Particle Theory:_________CKM(q)-PMNS(\[Nu]) Mix CPT Unitarity
7) Physics:___Hadronic Elements:______Composite Quark-Gluon Select Decays
8) Physics:___Relativistic Cosmology:____N-Body Bohmian GR-QM Simulation
9) Chemistry:_Atomic Elements:________4D Periodic Table Element Select
10) Chemistry:_Molecular Crystallography:_4D Molecule Visualization Select
11) Biology:__Genetic Crystallography:___4D Protein/DNA/RNA E8-H4 Folding
12) Biology:__Human Neurology:________OrchOR Quantum Consciousness
13) CompSci:_Quantum Computing:_____Poincare-Bloch Sphere /Qubit Fourier
14) CompSci:_Artificial Intelligence:______nD Conway’s Game Of Life
15) CompSci:_Human/Machine Interfaces:nD_ Human Machine Interface

J. Gregory Moxness

ToE_Demonstration.cdf Latest: 03/24/2015 (20 Mb). This is a version 10.02 demonstration in .CDF (or as an interactive web page (40 Mb)) takes you on an integrated visual journey from the abstract elements of hyper-dimensional geometry, algebra, particle and nuclear physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Chaos Theory and Fractals, quantum relativistic cosmological N-Body simulations, and on to the atomic elements of chemistry (visualized as a 4D periodic table arranged by quantum numbers). It requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin. This version of the ToE_Demonstration.nb (50 Mb) is the same as CDF except it includes file I/O capability not available in the free CDF player. This requires a full Mathematica license.

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