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More information on Laser Etched Optical Crystals

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Everything you wanted to know about E8 Laser Etched Optical Crystal

All objects are made from 3D StereoLithography (.STL) export files from the Mathematica coded graphics engine by the author.

How does the 3D Laser Engraving work?

The 3D laser engraving process uses a computer guided laser to precisely engrave 3D images within optically perfect laser crystal. Initial efforts produced 3D images engraved inside a solid piece of optically perfect laser crystal without damaging the crystal block surface.

What is the difference between a Lead Crystal and an Optic Crystal?

Lead Crystal historically also known as flint glass due to the original silica source, contains a minimum of 24% lead oxide for color, clarity, sparkle and brilliance. Crystal can consist of up to 35% lead, at which point it has the most sparkle. The higher lead content also makes it much more difficult to form crystal during manufacturing. More lead content, the heavier the piece. The lead also make the crystal softer and more conducive to cutting. Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead to maximize refraction.

Optical Crystal is 100% Lead Free and extremely hard. Barium oxide is used principally in optical and crystal glass instead of lime or red lead. Glass, which contains barium, is lighter than lead crystal but gives comparable brilliance due to its high refractive index. Optical Crystal subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure no bubbles, flow lines or other distortions.

Crystal without lead is not any less valuable than full lead crystal particularly when it is thick and heavy and finely designed. In fact, clear uncut crystal has to be particularly fine quality because the flaws can not be hidden by the cuts.

How to Display the Crystal

The best way to display your treasure is to place it over a bright light against a dark-colored background, for the following reasons. An image is formed from an engraved image in a crystal when light rays are reflected by the engraved points, which by striking our eyes make the regions with many engraved points appear white, while the regions with few points would let the light rays pass through and thus appear dark. If a light-colored background is placed behind an engraved image, those light rays that passed through the crystal body would be reflected by the background and strike our eyes; we in fact see the light-colored background through the crystal regions where there are few engrave points. Obviously the contrast of the image would be reduced under the circumstance. By the same token, use of a relatively bright light increases the contrast by making the highly etched regions appear whiter.

Crystal care

Care for your crystal is simple. When there is dust or finger prints on it, just wipe it using a soft cloth with some warm water or a common detergent such as a window cleaner.

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