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16x16" Giclee' Print on 1 3/4" Gallery Wrap Canvas Stretcher

This is a projection of the G2 subgroup within E8. The particles are assigned to the gluons in the Lisi AeSToE model.

Simple yet beautiful. Notice the physics particle labels shown on each vertex.

G2 is an exceptional Lie group within E8.

This object is a hexagonal pattern representing three red, green, blue pairs of gluon boson/anti-boson pairs. The job of the gluons is to exchange color between the quarks and this holds them together. Which they do very well indeed, since they are never seen apart!

Quarks do not have color in the sense of the colors humans perceive in their mind. They are always combined to form a neutral color representation, thus the quark color concept is an analog to the color wheel used in art.

They are never seen independent of these combinations. While not really colored as shown, they are only seen in color neutral combinations given their color assignments.

As an interesting aside, the perception of the qualia of color in the mind is a process that occurs when visible light from a photon particle, which is also a decohering wave of a specific frequency, gets translated into a neural electro-chemical impulse in the brain after hitting one of 3 types of light cones tuned to specific frequencies in the retina.

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