More Fibonacci / Pascal Triangle Patterns

Last year I posted this on Pascal Triangle Modulo 2 thru 9 and their Sierpinski Maps.

I just saw an interesting post by Lucien Khan on some Theological numerology (gematria) as it relates to the Modulo 10 patterns of Fibonacci here.

I verified the pattern and added a few more as it relates to the repeating Modulo 9 and 10 patterns, Pascal Triangle and E8 (as in my original post).

Numbers are highlighted when divisible by:
60 are in red
30 are in green
15 are in blue
12 are in magenta


This is all tied to the Pascal Triangle with its 2^n binary (Clifford Algebra) representation, E8 and the number 4!=24 and Octonions.


All of these structures, including the 3 dimensional geometry of the Platonic solids (and its big brother, the 4D non-crystallographic H4 group geometry) are related to E8 via a folding matrix I determined a few years ago here.

For some related interesting reading from John Baez regarding the number 24 and its link to String Theory (M-Theory) updated from last week! (see also related info on his other favorite numbers 5 and 8).

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