The (diminished) 120-Cell and it’s relationships to the 5-Cell (A4), the 600-Cell (H4), the two 24-Cells (D4), the Dual Snub 24-Cell, and of course E8!

Updated: 05/03/2023

This post is a Mathematica evaluation of important H4 polytopes involved in the Quaternion construction of nD Weyl Orbits.

Please see the this PDF or this Mathematica Notebook (.nb) for the details.

The paper being referenced in this analysis is here.

I’ve added this PDF or this Mathematica Notebook (.nb) which is having a bit of fun visualizing various (3D) orbits of diminished 120-cell convex hulls. The #5 subset of 408 vertices (diminishing 192) is completely internal to the normal 3D projection of the 120-cell to the chamfered dodecahedron. The #3 has 12 sets of 2 (out of 3) dual snub 24-cell kite cells (that is 24 out of the 96 total cells).

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