Mathematica Analysis of Cohl Furey’s octonion and Clifford group theoretic ℂ⊗O assignments to standard model particles

I’ve read some recent papers by Cohl Furey and was intrigued by the potential relationship between the octonion and Clifford group theoretic assignments to standard model particles. Since I have developed an extensive Mathematica notebook to perform symbolic analysis using these structures (derived primarily for E8 Lie group work), I decided to follow her suggestion… “The reader is encouraged to check that C⊗O forms the 64-complex-dimensional Clifford algebra Cl(6), generated by the set {i e1,…i e6} acting on f”.

So to that end, I created the this .pdf with some preliminary results of that analysis. I found a few minor issues, but so far the model seems to symbolically compute consistently. Very cool!

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