3D Objects

Some of these works can be custom made into personalized artwork for sale. See the “E8 Math, Science and Art” Gallery Sales at theoryofeverything.org

Below are a few samples, but here is a link to all of the 3D object posts.


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  1. I downloaded the Mathematica program, and used it to create a 3D moted of the Gossett polytope 4 21. (E8 roots projected from 8D to 3D). Unfortunately, the data points do not seem to be correct: there are distortions. I can email you an stl file and a screen shot showing the issue. Could you please contact J Gregory Moxness and have him contact me at rick-russell@sbcglobal.net?
    You can see the model here in 3D: https://www.shapeways.com/product/JSSA7YHWJ/e8-root-system-polytope
    Thanks, Rick R

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