Interactive Cloud VisibLie-E8 4D Periodic Table

This is a link to the free cloud Mathematica demonstration. (Note: You need to enable “Dynamic Behavior” aka. interactivity in the upper left corner).

Please bear in mind that this demonstration is written for a full Mathematica licensed viewer. The cloud deployments are limited in interactivity, especially those that involve 3D and significant computation. Also, be patient – it takes a minute to load and more than a few seconds to respond to any mouse click interactions.

The utility of the cloud demo of this 4D (3D+color) Periodic Table is in visualizing it in 2D or 3D (from the left side menu) and building up n=1 to 8. Select the Stowe vs. Scerri display for different 3D models. The explode view slider helps distribute the lattices in the model.

The 2D/3D electron density representations for each atom’s orbitals are too slow for the cloud, so they don’t show anything. The isotope and list-picker of internet curated element data also does not function.

For an explanation of this pane #10 in the suite of 18 VisibLie-E8 demonstrations, please see this link.

High resolution 4D (3D+color) images of the demonstration.
High resolution 2D images from the demonstration.

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