Announcing the AI party!

I am officially announcing a new political party for America! It is the AI party. No, this is not about Artificial Intelligence, but that would be a really cool idea.

This is the Anti-Incumbency party. I am really tired of the crap that the public puts up with due to the legacy of corruption and collusion in the name of consensus building.

Yes, the Tea-Party intended to address this with a different point-of-view (POV), but this splits the conservative base and leaves the liberals cold. Yet, Obama alienates the liberals with a schizophrenic agenda that doesn’t even hold true to his original campaign of hope and change.

So this new party will steadfastly vote against ANY incumbent for 6 years. This will flush the system of all the corrupt bureaucrats (and a few good ones). The good ones are collateral damage in a war against a system of government that has become too accustomed to professional politics.

It is time for all of them to go. Yes, some power is lost- but so is the corruption and inept consensus building with pork and back scratching.

Please join me in the AI party. Vote for ANY party except the incumbent. The AI party.

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