Random E8 Pics

I thought it would be fun to start posting pictures generated from the E8Flyer.  If you have used it and discovered any symmetries for yourself – please post them here.

I am working on generating even more beautiful pictures based on E8 using POVray.  We’ll see how that goes, I might even get POVray anaglyphs out of it!

I’ve been tweeking the code, fixing bugs, typos, etc.

  • Previously, I had added in the upper right corner of the control pannel the ability to select the triality rotation matrices (+/-T, T12).
  • There is a new description of the “construction patterns” which is corrected and simpler. 
  • I just added the ability to generate “All” edges (as opposed to having to select only one set of edges norm’d to some length). 

This is a pic I uploaded to wikipedia a few weeks ago.

The pic below is a generated from my latest E8Flyer.nbp – it has all 28,680 edges (with the particles at the vertices scaled down in order to focus on the edges).

E8-All 28,680 edges

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