Revised VisibLie_E8 viewers released for both Mathematica 9.01 and 10.02 ! Free (web interactive & stand-alone .CDF) and Licensed (.nb)

This version has bug fixes, enhanced performance by using faster memory localization, parallel CPU, OpenCL GPU, and/or compiled processing for functions that are compute intensive.

I also put the default comet path metadata for “CometC2007K5Lovejoy” in the Recombination (Solar System) epoch of the NBody pane.

This version has a more extensive 2D/3D fractal collection as well, enjoy!

If anyone is interested, I also have versions deployed on the Wolfram Cloud, so you can interact via your Android or iPhone. If you’re interested in these or full source code for working with SuperLie and LieArt packages – just ask.

BTW – I try to do reasonable regression testing on all these versions, but if you are using my stuff (and/or find a bug), please give me a shout at:

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