Fun with Conway's "Game of Life" in 3D -> nD and Music

I’ve integrated a few more demonstrations, see below for descriptions and pics..

Conway’s “Game of Life” in 3D -> nD


Music related




The #13 pane (Chords) will address the psychology of the mathematical beauty of music. The 2D pane presents Emmanuel Amiot and Fernand Brunschwig’s  Pythagorean Meantone And Equal Temperament Musical Scales, while the 3D pane shows Drew Lesso’s 3D Lambdoma matrix.

The #14 pane (Gematria) will address Theological Number Theory in the form of Hebrew gematria, H4, and Tori. This sociology pane deals with the idea of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Koine Greek Gematria. The histogram shows the distribution of words used in the Bible according to their gematria value in Hebrew or Greek. Each word in each verse is selectable and shown in the distribution. Each word in the verse is colored by their value in Hebrew (if Old Testament), Greek and English.
Note: Hebrew is properly presented from right to left.

The #15 pane (QC) will address Quantum Computing in the context of MyToE. It uses several demonstrations… Qubits On The Poincare-Bloch Sphere,  Quantum Logic Gates Roots Exponents And Eigensystems and Quantum Fourier Transform Circuit by Rudolf Muradian

The #16 pane (AI) will address Artificial Intelligence, an nD version of Conway’s “Game of Life” and Cellular Automata in the context of MyToE. It is an integration of Daniel de Souza Carvalho’s demonstration


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