MyToE updated from 2013 Planck Spacecraft and 2012 LHC results

With the recent publication of results for the Planck spacecraft results and the recent LHC Higgs results for the discovery of a 125(+/-1.5)GeV Higgs boson, I thought I would publish the minor tweaks to my PDF ToE summary or see the Mathematica notebook here. Enjoy!

It is interesting to note that my original paper from ’98 (updated ’01) Constants-A_New_Look.pdf contains this new Planck CMB probe result for a Hubble constant of H0=67.133 km/s/Mpc, which is at odds with WMAP, COBE, and prior estimates.

This old paper has a Higgs mH=98.137 GeV, which is around the minima of the ChiSquared value for Higgs. This was quickly excluded by FermiLab results around that time. The basic Higgs prediction relies purely on the dimensionality of the model and the Planck constant. Adding a factor of 2^1/2 gave an aesthetically pleasing mH=147.98 in a ’07 paper here. This was close to a June ’11 FermiLab CDF bump at 148 GeV. Unfortunately D0 at FermiLab didn’t confirm it.

Interestingly between the ’01 and the ’07 papers, one of the Higgs mass models I used 2^1/4 (not 2^1/2) and puts mH=124.43 GeV – right where LHC ATLAS and CMS seem to have found it. This same model also (fairly) accurately integrates this to the Fermi Constant and vacuum expecation (VEV).

The bottom line, my model describes results that are within the most current and accurate experimentally measured data, including the LHC Higgs and Planck CMB probes.

ToE Summary


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