Messier Marathon 2021

The idea is to observe the 110 astronomical Messier objects which are visible to some of the Northern Hemisphere in March/April. The best result is to do it all in one night, which is difficult unless everything works out seamlessly (110 over 11 dark hours leaves only 6 minutes per image, so it isn’t so much about quality but speed).

So I decided to try and set up my astro gear to automate the process of taking 110 Messier objects in one night. 

In testing it the evening of March 2, it was going really well so I decided to pull an unplanned all-night’er and got 100 of the 110 (with the missing 10 not being visible to my scope before sunrise due to the obstruction of my house, as well as it being a bit early in the Messier season). 

Click here for a video compilation of the shots I took (sorted by their Messier number each using a 2 minute monochrome exposure):

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