Higgs Mass Prediction of 124.443 GeV (a public retrodiction)

As shown in a previous post here and here, I introduced a prediction of a new 148 GeV particle that seemed to be evidenced by FermiLab’s CDF experiment. Unfortunately, the D0 experiment failed to confirm it. Initially I hesitated to make a public retrodiction (or post-diction) about the latest LHC findings of the Higgs at 124 Gev (until better confirmation).

I would like to make public some earlier work that produced eq. 18 148 GeV Higgs mass prediction. The issue is around the inclusion of the factor of 2 before the Planck constant. Initially, I anticipated that no factor would be needed, but that put the particle mass at ~98 GeV, below the exclusion range from LEP. I had entertained the idea of using an Sqrt(2) term putting it at ~124 GeV, but due to aesthetic considerations I opted for using a factor of 2. Please see the modified calculation highlighted below.

Interestingly, it seems the LHC has found that my earlier (albeit superceded) choice may have been the right one! But, time will tell…

Retrodiction of LHC evidence for a Higgs at 124 GeV

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