Universal History Simulations Added

I’ve added more features to the Universal History N-Body Gravity OpenCL GPU Simulation. Here are a few snapshots…

Big Bang – Planck Epoch
outNBody_1a (7)

Inflationary Epoch(s) w/Pre & Post (These are built into my ToE as an accelerating space-time, varying FineStructure, c and hBar)

ElectroWeak Symmetry Breaking Epoch
outNBody_1a (10)

Quark-Gluon Plasma Epoch
outNBody_1a (11)

Meson Epoch
outNBody_1a (5)

Baryon Epoch
outNBody_1a (4)

Lepton Epoch
outNBody_1a (6)

Big Bang NuceloSynthesis Epoch- Nuclei of Hydrogen/Helium/Lithium
outNBody_1a (2)

Photon Epoch- Atoms of Hydrogen/Helium/Lithium
outNBody_1a (3)

Matter Dominated Stellar NucleoSynthesis- Quasars
outNBody_1a (9)

ReIonization- Galaxies

Dark Ages- Large Scale Structure

Recombination- Solar Systems/Chemistry/Biology/Sociology
outNBody_1a (8)

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