Fun with 8D rotations of E8

This is a little clip containing three different 8 dimensional rotations of E8. While it may seem like a simple rotation of an object in 3-space, if you look carefully (especially the first rotation), you can see sets of vertices moving in different directions.

The object (the 240 vertices of E8 along with 1220 of 6720 edges of 8D length Sqrt[2]) is not “moving”. It is the camera that is moving in an 8 dimensional space.

Best when viewed in HD!

The previous 3D animations here and here are created by projecting the 8 dimensional object of E8 into 3 and simply rotating (spinning) that object around in 3-space. I like to call those animations 4D, since animation visualizes changes over time – a 4D space-time object if you will…

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