New features and options – Lite version, MIDI Music, Hebrew/English Nearest Word Gematria

I created a “Lite” version (4-10 Mb) of the VisibLie_E8 CDF/NB/Intereactive application, so now you can interact with the main E8 and particle physics panes w/o loading the full 100 Mb version (which contains multiple versions of parametric spherical harmonics for atoms, Molecule/DNA protein data, 4 gematria word value indexed Hebrew/Greek Bibles, solar system and Universe simulation dynamics, etc.)

I added some demonstration capability to the Chords (Beauty of Math/Music) pane. It now has full instrumentation for creating MIDI tones along with the various tones in available chords.


I added a cool Nearest Word Graph to the Gematria pane. This uses the Wolfram curated LanguageData / DictionaryLookup to find Hebrew and English words that are close in spelling (no Greek available yet)-:


I also added a more extensive cross index of common (or “interesting”) words found in the Hebrew/Greek Bibles used in the Gematria pane. These are:

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